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[ other artist's websites ]

Louistrations - Louistrations - Varied and exciting comedy and fantasy comics and artwork, including the awesome Chipper's Tea Room and Naut-Cotic.
NailoSyanodel's Cosplay Site - NailoSyanodel's Cosplay site - A fantastic costume maker and cosplayer, open to commissions and with a gallery exhibiting her various outfits. Kingdom Hearts fans should definitely head there to check out her wonderful Axel and Demyx costumes!
FanDanGo, a Retropunk Fantasy - FanDanGo - Kate Holden's awesome retro-punk fantasy webcomic. Vibrant funky art and characters and an exciting plot here, with a sprinkling of whupass to boot.
The Twisted Adventures of Von Slayer - The Twisted Adventures of Von Slayer - An awesome horror-comedy, with wonderful art and adorable characters. Oh and a 7 foot high superdemon alter-ego XD.

[ other artists' deviantART pages ]

Darkprincessarianna's deviantART page - Horror and drama stories, art and cosplays.
Shakahnna's deviantART page - A wide range of artwork and sculpture/prop work, ranging from broad comedy through fantasy to dark horror.
Monkeynohito's deviantART page - An excellent selection of manga character design and entertaining action comedy comics.